Album: Gutter Punk (2014)

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Song: Fractured Spine

Bitrate: 128kbps

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We are a three peace hardcore band from Wilmington Delaware, and Avon Grove Pennsylvania. We like to play heavy, crusty, punk and have a good time. We are heavily influenced by bands like Full of Hell, Extinction of Mankind, Black Mass, Code Orange Kids, Insect Warfare, Iron Lung, Harms way, Discharge, Void, Hatred Surge, Ceremony, and Lifeless. We are a group of guys who have been going to delaware and philly local and bigger shows our entire lives and we love heavy music more than anything. The band was brought together by loud noisey music. We have one EP recorded as of now called Gutter Punk. We have recently been going in a more noise/grind vibe. We will play anyshow.